SENSE Surface Rail Temperature

Rail Temperature monitoring by contact

SENSE Surface Rail Temperature is an innovative solution for rail temperature monitoring.

This sensor collects over long distance and in real time the temperature at the surface of the rail. All information and data are available on the SENSE Web platform or through an API.

In case a temperature measurement exceeds a threshold value, a real time alert is sent by SMS and/or Email.


  • Remote visibility of rail temperature
  • Risk reduction in wintertime
  • Anticipation of maintenance interventions
  • Better distribution of technical teams on the network

Sigfox LoRa





Easy to implement

From sensor to data

Complete and customizable solution

Use cases

Surface temperature of a rail

Winter frost in rail operating systems increases the braking distances and creates safety problems.

The most critical areas are equipped with electric heaters.

Some operators seek to limit their energy consumption by regulating the heating according to the outside temperature and wish to measure the efficiency of the system.

Surface temperature of a rail

The connected solution SENSE Surface Rail Temperature allows remote temperature control as close as possible to the rail surface and reports the measured information to the nearest tenth of a degree.

This solution consists of an industrial-grade magnetic probe placed on the rail, a radio transmission box and a Cloud enabling information to be displayed on a Web interface or redirected to a customer information system.

Temperature thresholds can be defined (via a web interface) to alert when the critical temperature levels are exceeded and to inform the operating teams.

Surface temperature of a rail

SENSE Surface Rail Temperature provides remote visibility of rail temperature, monitors rail operators' operating resources and helps reduce risks during winter.

Upon receiving this information, maintenance teams can anticipate and prioritize their interventions, bringing a gain on team management and a better distribution of their efforts over the network.