Electric pulse and consumption counting

SENSE Electric Pulse is a connected solution dedicated to remote measurements of the consumption information from an active energy meter.

It is connected to a dry contact output of an energy or pulse meter, which is connected to the main electric meter or sub-meter module. The solution counts the electric pulses generated and converts them into energy, water our gas consumption measured in kWh, litres or m3.

Data is reported every 12h and displayed as consumption curves by 12h time periods using SENSE Web platform.

Therefore, it is possible to monitor changes in the energy consumption from one period to another and keep a twice a day history of consumption


Use cases :

 Energy, water or gas meter


Sigfox LoRa





Easy to implement

From sensor to data

Complete and customizable solution

Use case

Smart building

Difference between the invoiced and the actually consumed electricity translating into a lack of control.

Poor knowledge of average consumption over a short time period

Smart building

Recording and analysis of consumption using a non-intrusive solution that can display data remotely and be used locally.

Solution capable of recording consumption ranges over half a day, based on electrical pulse counting

Smart building

Optimization and tracking of consumption and operating gains.

Clearer view of electricity consumption and optimization of consumption