Monitoring and alerts on change of state of a dry contact

SENSE Dry Contact is a connected solution that detects changes in the electrical state of critical assets.

Connected to the dry contact outputs of the equipment to be monitored, the solution informs of any change of state and sends SMS or eMail alerts.

The sensor, self-sufficient in energy, runs on battery, sends this information through energy-saving IoT networks and can be installed without modification of the existing equipment.

The collected data are accessible on the SENSE Web platform and, daily uploaded and stored make it possible to monitor the changes of state.

Use cases  :

Electric state 0 to 1, or 1 to 0

 Access control system

 Fluid levels (possible with additional component)

Sigfox LoRa





Easy to implement

From sensor to data

Complete and customizable solution

Use case

Industrial equipment: PLC process

Industrial electric motor no longer providing its service due to a defect.

Operation drift of an actuator soon leading to failure

Industrial equipment: PLC process

Remote transmission of the dry contact error by SMS, Mail or to an Information System.

Monitoring of the actuator operating time

Industrial equipment: PLC process

Shortening of the error handling time

Anticipation of failure