Energy monitoring for electrical actuators

IDIAG® StartAm is a connected sensor capable of measuring the cycle time of an electric actuator and the energy consumed to achieve it.

It is based on a Cloud such as SENSE Web and a non-intrusive amperometric sensor that analyses the current consumed by the actuator and informs about its operating state. It is based on an IoT wireless connection such as Sigox or LoRaWAN.

This information should allow maintenance operators to detect operating drifts by confronting the information received to the current standards.

This analysis is an aid to the diagnosis of a defect of the monitored actuator.

Use cases  :

 Electrical actuators

 Motorized circuit breakers

 Point motors

Sigfox LoRa





Easy to implement

From sensor to data

Complete and customizable solution

Use cases

Current consumption on actuator

Maintenance services pay particular attention to electrical actuators, which in the event of a breakdown can lead to a significant operating loss. These actuators are often monitored manually at regular intervals.

To provide uninterrupted monitoring without physical intervention on the facility, there are few non-intrusive solutions at a reasonable cost.

This makes it difficult for the operator to detect operating deviations such as abnormal mechanical stress or premature ageing of the actuator.

Current consumption on actuator

The IDIAG® StartAm connected and non-intrusive solution allows to measure the energy used from the start of an electric actuator over its entire operating range. It also measures the time needed to complete this cycle.

This solution is based on a connected sensor, an ammeter clamp and a Cloud allowing to display the data collected on a Web interface or to redirect them towards a customer information system.

Current consumption on actuator

The data collected enables maintenance operators to detect consumption drifts by comparing them with their business reference system.

This analysis can lead to the diagnosis of a fault on the electric actuator.