Shock monitoring on catenary and counterweights

IDIAG® Shock is designed to store information on the regular shocks received by the catenary through the tracking of the vertical displacement of the counterweights.

When a pre-set threshold is exceeded, an alert is sent via SMS and/or Email.

All data are displayed on SENSE Web platform or through an API with IDIAG Cloud.


  • Detection of abnormal counterweight movements
  • Identification of seizing or breaks in catenary support
  • Maintenance operations before major incidents

Sigfox LoRa





Easy to implement

From sensor to data

Complete and customizable solution

Use cases

Mechanical incidents on catenary lines

On electrified rail networks, the catenaries are supported by supports at regular intervals and are tensioned by a system of pulleys and counterweights.

The breaking of the support or the seizure of the tensioning system leads to a high risk of the catenary being torn off, which results in hours of interruption of traffic and high repair costs.

Facilities are monitored periodically but these events are difficult to avoid on aging facilities.

Mechanical incidents on catenary lines

The connected and non-intrusive IDIAG® Shock solution is composed of a sensor installed on the catenary tension counterweight, and a Cloud allowing to display the information read on a Web interface or to redirect them to a customer information system.

It measures acceleration at the counterweight to monitor its movement. Thus, depending on the maintenance reference frame, intensity thresholds can be established beyond which maintenance interventions become necessary

Mechanical incidents on catenary lines

The information collected enables maintenance operators to detect abnormal counterweight movements linked to seizing or the breaking of a catenary support.

This monitoring enables maintenance operators to intervene as soon as a critical threshold is reached and to avoid a major incident on the catenary that could go as far as breaking it.