Alerting connected solution for backup power supply


Critical equipment may experience a service loss when, in the event of a power failure, the backup battery relay is no longer sufficient to ensure its proper operation.

As a result, a service loss is reported a few hours after its occurrence, causing disruptions in the management of equipment and curative maintenance operations.


The IDIAG Battery connected solution instantly and remotely reports any fault found on a critical backup power supply by SMS or Email, in order to quickly intervene before the battery loss.

Based on a Cloud solution, IDIAG Battery reports the assets’ status and events. The solution consists on an intelligent sensor connected to the backup battery and a wireless connection to Sigfox or LoRaWAN networks.

The analysis of the collected data also provides a diagnosis of the battery’s vital points and a detection of its deep discharges and end of life.

As a consequence, this remote monitoring increases the asset’s availability, optimizes maintenance team operations and extends the life of backup batteries, for both operational and financial gains.

Sigfox LoRa





Easy to implement

From sensor to data

Complete and customizable solution

Use cases

Telecom Equipment

Undetected main power loss on battery-backed railway signalling equipment

Damaged backup battery causing lack of autonomy in the event of a power failure

Telecom Equipment

IDIAG Battery alerts instantly by SMS, Mail or to an Information System in case of power failure

IDIAG Battery alerts if the battery is no longer reliable

Telecom Equipment

Anticipation of a loss of service if the incident persists (discharged battery

Guarantee of battery service availability