Electric consumption monitoring


The consumption of electrical assets constitutes a significant part of the costs of industrial sites. In addition, the failure of this asset leads to disruption and operating losses.


The connected and autonomous solution SENSE Ammeter allows remote and real-time monitoring of the power consumption of electrical assets.

It is based on a Cloud and a non-intrusive ammeter sensor that track consumption changes, provides information on the status of the assets and optimizes operating costs.

Knowledge of the asset’s consumption profile makes it possible to anticipate the maintenance of the assets.

In addition, thanks to the user’s analysis of the collected data, it is possible to identify the most energy-consumptive assets and implement an energy smoothing approach.

Thus, SENSE Ammeter improves the asset’s availability, optimizes maintenance operations and reduces operating costs, resulting in both operational and financial gains.

Use cases :

 Electrical motors


 Pumps & compressors

 Public lighting

Sigfox LoRa





Easy to implement

From sensor to data

Complete and customizable solutions

Use case

Critical lighting: public and industrial

Bulb failure on the lighting line resulting on reduced or even stopped service

Lack of control over the energy consumption of the lighting line both instantaneously and periodically

Critical lighting: public and industrial

Non-intrusive current clamp to position on the line or on a section and detecting consumption anomalies

Recording and analysis of consumption information using a non-intrusive solution that can display data remotely and be used locally

Critical lighting: public and industrial

Alerts in case of failure and faster intervention of maintenance teams

Optimization of maintenance operations, tracking of consumption and operating gains