Mechanical cable tension

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    The battery discharge in the locomotives is a usual problem. Some discharge faster than other and cause serious unavailabilities. To prevent it, the Oullins maintenance centre teams have initiated a reflection about a connected sensor that monitors the battery state and trigger an alert when it reaches a critical level, with the objective of optimizing maintenance...
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    In France, rail temperature is closely monitored during summer season. Above a specific threshold, onsite inspections are planned to keep watch on the thermal expansion of the rail...
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    Maintenance agents are employed to check the proper functioning of public or collective lighting:
    • Lamps failures
    • No street lighting
    To reduce the cost of these preventive rounds, Intesens has designed a plug and play light sensor with no electric connection...
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    The catenaries are a critical part of railway infrastructure because they provide the train with electricity. When there is an incident on such a critical equipment, traffic is interrupted for hours. Much of these incidents are caused by low mechanical tension.Temperature changes and frost are the leading reason of failures...
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    L’Alliance Industrie du Futur (Future Industry Alliance) has approved recently the Future Factory SNCF ("French National Railway Company" is France's national state-owned railway company and manages the rail traffic in France) project and the Oullins maintenance centre as driver place in particular concerning plants and equipments...
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    ENEDIS is using mobile generators on work zones to maintain electricity services. In order to optimise resources, it is really useful to keep track of the working state and location of generators...
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    In case of frost alert, maintenance agents spread salt or sand on the platforms to ensure the users’ security. This operation can could be optimized and done only when needed...
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    « In order to optimize maintenance operations of rails, we must know the cumulative weight of rolling stocks. It is really hard to obtain this information with the opening to competition » explains Marc Jourdain, SNCF. Once the maintenance is over, trains operate at relatively low speeds for a while to stabilise the rail infrastructure...
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    Lifts and escalators offer convenience and accessibility for people with reduced mobility. SNCF engaged itself to provide such services in all its train stations and with a minimum downtime...
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    Electric pole slope can cause a mechanical tension or a cable break. Several elements can explain the slope:
    • Incidents: weather, strong wind, traffic accident…
    • Ground instability: slow changes which are invisible to the naked eye
    In case of a fall, localisation of the electrical pole is critical for quick intervention planning...
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